Wesley Attew writes evocative folk lullabies that speak directly to the soul. The English born, Vancouver based singer-songwriter is a rare talent.

His music is intimate, emotive and expressive. His poetic lyrics derive from his extensive experience travelling. His songs are stories, each of which are moving bodies of work. Wesley's voice is whiskey-infused honey poured generously over ice. It’s intoxicating, warm and thrilling.


His guitar playing is the ideal backdrop to his opulent songwriting. His music is complex yet accessible, familiar yet mysterious and dark yet whimsical. His songs illustrate the unparalleled sensation of exploring this world and the people in it. The music he makes isn’t just for a moment, but for every step of the journey. Attew performs frequently across the city. He is an ever evolving musician constantly working on refining his craft. 

In 2017, I drove across Canada in a big move west to British Columbia. I have spent the last few years honing my sound, writing & recording new material and finding my place within Vancouver's powerful music scene. In 2018 I received my Canadian Visa allowing me to stay in the country permanently. The culmination of these experiences resulted in an entirely new set of material, songs born from my time on the road coming to an end and having to face up to feelings I was running from.


'Where Do We Go From Here' releasing August 14th is the title track and first single from my upcoming 5 song EP. The song is about being torn between the longing for stability and constant movement. It evokes the feeling of wondering whether you've made the right decisions, while knowing there are no right decisions. It is uncertainty and nostalgia. It represents missing the places you called home but not wanting to return to them.