Wesley Attew, an English singer/songwriter now based in Vancouver, Canada brings an honest approach to music. With simple, yet refined lyrics, the aspiring artist encompasses a perfect mix of vocal melodies and acoustic rhythm that’s sure to pull any listener in.

-  Pacific sound radio 

Wesley Attew is a remarkably gifted folk artist. He is originally from England and now resides in Vancouver, BC. His music is intimate, emotive and expressive. His poetic lyrics derive from his extensive experience travelling. His songs are stories, each of which captures the listener and transport them into the core of his soul. His voice is whiskey infused honey poured generously over ice. It’s intoxicating, warm and thrilling. His guitar playing is the ideal backdrop to his opulent songwriting. His music is complex yet accessible, familiar yet mysterious and dark yet whimsical. His songs illustrate the unparalleled sensation of exploring this world and the people in it. The music he makes isn’t just for a moment, but for every step of the journey. Attew performs frequently across the city. He is constantly working on refining his craft. He is an ever-evolving musician who is just getting started.

His latest single “Wayward Kind” is a love letter with burned edges to travelling, it is available on Spotify.